Daisy Auger-Dominguez

CPO, VICE Media Group
Daisy Auger-Dominguez is the Chief People Officer of VICE Media Group (VMG) as well as a human capital executive and expert of diversity, equity and inclusion. Throughout her tenure at VMG, Auger-Dominguez has led consistent, structured efforts to strengthen the company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Previous to her role at VMG, she worked at leading brands like Google and The Walt Disney Company and founded Auger-Dominguez Ventures, a workplace culture consultancy.
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Quote marks Leaders must foster a sense of ‘this is where you are supported as an employee, we want you to stay.’ Without that, people will wonder why they’re coming to work in the morning.
Flight Template Series: Transforming DEI Culture and Policy

Improve Support For Marginalized Employees

Lifting up all employees is an important goal of your organization. Part of this is ensuring that you nurture an environment of open, honest dialogue about how to make your organization more equitable. Developed for use with Employee Resource Groups/Affinity Groups, this flight will help you gain insight into how to best support these groups professionally, mentally, emotionally, and structurally to improve their experience at work.
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Types of Insights

Progressive practices to implement and regressive practices to remove in order to promote a more inclusive culture

Insights into the organizational behaviors, norms, expectations and structures that may be holding back the successes of particular groups

Ways to increase understanding of and support for marginalized employees

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