Collaboration is broken. Balloon is here to fix it.

The way teams collaborate is broken, and it’s been broken for so long, most people think it can’t be solved—but it can. Balloon is rebuilding the workplace, without harmful group dynamics, like biases, loud voices, groupthink, and fear, which undermine collaboration and productivity. With Balloon, leaders can surface true data, boost innovation, and be informed by all voices, resulting in better decisions, faster.

The future of work is now

The world has changed, and businesses everywhere must evolve. With Balloon, leaders can streamline asynchronous work, eliminate false starts, remove groupthink and biases from collaborative settings, and unlock their team’s true potential.

70 percent

Balloon reduces meeting times by 70%.

80 percent

Over 80% of the information shared on Balloon is brand new – it's never been seen or heard within a company before.

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Make Better Decisions, Faster

Collaboration can be the key to a company's success—but only when it’s done right. Balloon’s collaboration software is backed by research and proven to reduce meeting time, boost innovation, and create lasting alignment in record time.

Collaborative. Productive. True.
  1. Leaders request input on anything
  2. Teams anonymously contribute
  3. Everyone evaluate input on merit
  4. Transformational insights rise to the top, giving leaders actionable next steps

Designed for Leaders

Teams of all sizes lean on Balloon to grow and win together.

Why Balloon?

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Master Asynchronous Work

Balloon’s Flights feature enables teams to share ideas, collaborate, and evaluate input when it’s most convenient for individuals—regardless of time zones or schedules.

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Amplify Unheard Voices

Introverts and anyone whose voice might go unheard are able to participate without interruption, judgment, or fear, offering new perspectives and a truly inclusive process for the whole team.

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Align in Record Time and Eliminate False Starts

The Balloon Score shows leaders the overall buy-in of the group so they can avoid false starts and move forward with consensus and confidence.

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Unlock True Data

By eliminating costly biases, Balloon ensures that leaders have the truest, most accurate data, so they know exactly what’s going on in their organizations.

What is holding us back from achieving our quarterly goals?

What product or design features do you think we should be doing bigger or better? What have we been holding back on?

What is the one thing we must get right to make this project successful?

Solve Problems in All Areas of Business

What It's For

People are talking

Talk about a "right now" solution. If knowledge is power, Balloon may hold the keys to the kingdom. Because today, it's what you don't know that you don't know that can kill your business in no time at all.


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Make your team faster, smarter, tighter.