Harness the power of true insights

The first of its kind, Balloon is an insight mobility platform that guides teams to true – precise, honest, meaningful insights that can transform organizations, yet have long been trapped behind cognitive biases and group dynamics.

Insight Mobility

Balloon fundamentally changes the way teams share insights, enabling them to move freely through organizational strata, not based on where they came from, but on something greater: their merit.

Collaborative & Iterative

  1. Leaders request input on anything
  2. Teams anonymously contribute
  3. Teams evaluate input on merit
  4. Transformational insights rise to the top

Designed for Leaders

Teams of all sizes lean on Balloon to grow and win together.

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One thing in our culture we really talk a lot about is how to build on other ideas. There just aren’t other solutions that do that today, at least that I’ve found, other than Balloon.

Carol Carpenter
VP Product Marketing at Google

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U.S. Cellular

Balloon helps us uncover new ideas by removing a lot of groupthink and amplifying silent voices that perhaps wouldn’t be as vocal inside the room when they have a great idea.

Austin Brown
Innovation Manager at U.S. Cellular

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The Stylist LA

I've started sending out flights before meetings with some specific questions so I can go into the meeting already understanding what my employees are feeling, thinking, and questioning.

Emily McDonald
Founder and CEO at The Stylist LA

Carol Carpenter
VP Product Marketing at Google

Austin Brown
Innovation Manager at U.S. Cellular

Emily McDonald
Founder and CEO at The Stylist LA

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Why Balloon?

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Better inputs, better outcomes

With a wide range of input that’s evaluated objectively, leaders can make better decisions based on more qualified data.

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Greater thought diversity

Leaders are able to capitalize on the diversity of thought within their organization and gain insights that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

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Fast team alignment

Balloon enables teams to align quickly without all the meetings and back-and-forth.

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Proven by research

Balloon is based on hundreds of studies examining teamwork, including Google’s study that found psychological safety is the single most important factor of productive teams.

What could cause us to slow down and potentially miss our deadlines?

Which features do you feel maximize value for our customers?

It's 18 months from now and our project is a complete disaster, what went wrong?

Solve all kinds of problems

Whether you need ideas for a new product or feedback on your culture, Balloon helps you find solutions fast and grow as a team.

What It's For

People are talking

If knowledge is power, Balloon may hold the keys to the kingdom.


Women no longer have to wonder if gender is why their idea was dismissed.


Unlock your team’s true potential