Alex Lieberman

Executive chairman and co-founder, Morning Brew
Alex is executive chairman and co-founder of Morning Brew , a media startup making the business world engaging and illuminating for future business leaders. Morning Brew’s core newsletter has grown to an audience of over two million subscribers, and the company has branched out into the retail newsletter, the emerging technology newsletter, and a podcast. Along with co-founder Austin Rief, Lieberman launched Morning Brew as a senior at University of Michigan in 2015, where he received his BBA, with concentrations in markets and real estate.
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Quote marks Over time, we’ve gotten better at decision-making because we’ve been able to separate emotions and logic. When emotions bleed into decision-making, it becomes risky because it’s not fully steeped in what is true and logical. Having more data and making more mistakes, and then feeding that into our decision-making process has made us better.
While market expansion can be risky, it is often the key to organic growth. Understanding adjacent market strategies will help to uncover untapped opportunities. Use this flight to identify adjacent markets that utilize and reinforce the strength of your core business.
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Assessment of the most impactful adjacencies to fuel the growth of your business

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