Unlock your team’s true potential

Balloon is an insight mobility platform that solves systemic organizational issues like cognitive biases and group dynamics. By transforming how teams interact, it enables leaders to unlock their true potential.

Through Balloon, teams share and evaluate input anonymously, which emphasizes the merit of the input, maximizes the value of diversity, and transforms leadership.

How it works

Balloon uses a quick, phased process called a flight to pose questions and challenges. It’s easy and efficient, leading to fewer meetings and great outcomes faster.

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Create a flight

Flights are a place for teams to solve problems together. They’re timed and staged, consisting of questions and responses centered around a goal. Start with a templated flight, or create your own.


Gather input from everyone

The first stage of the flight is when teams contribute. Balloon allows for anonymous input, creating psychological safety and giving all team members (introverts, interns, quiet types) a chance to share freely.

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Evaluate input on merit

The second stage of the flight is for evaluation. Teams pump up insights based on their quality or ability to solve the problem. Not based on seniority, loud voices, ego, or other costly cognitive biases.


Align and win together

Since insights are evaluated on merit, teams can quickly agree on the right direction, leading to better decisions and more successful outcomes.

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Ready to take flight?

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Unlock your team’s true potential