Bernadette Aulestia

Former President of Global Distribution, HBO
Bernadette Aulestia is an investor, advisor, and the former President of Global Distribution at HBO, where she oversaw HBO’s streaming platforms, HBO GO and HBO Now. Her expertise in marketing, distribution strategy, and management led her to her current roles, as a strategic advisor at e-learning group Encantos and a limited partner at Portfolia, a venture capital fund that funds female- and LGBTQ-founded early-stage startups. She worked at HBO from 1997 until her departure in June 2019.
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Quote marks As you scale, you're going to be looking at adjacent demographics to cater to, but it’s so important that you never forget your core.
Flight Template Series: Modern Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience is key to your success: who they are, how they consume media, and what they want to see when they consume it. This flight will help you create a persona of your average customer’s personality and habits so you can brainstorm ways to better market your product to them.
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Types of Insights

New insights into your customer and they way they consume media

Innovative ways to create a personalized experience on your company’s website

Strategies to balance personalized experiences with mass appeal for a multitude of consumers

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