Aubrie Pagano

Angel investor, venture capitalist, Founder of Bow & Drape
Aubrie Pagano is the co-founder of Bow & Drape, a custom apparel startup with a primarily female customer base. Pagano is also a prolific venture capitalist and angel investor: She currently serves as an investment partner at XFactor Ventures, as well as a general partner at Alpaca VC, formerly Corigin Ventures.
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Flight Template Series

Startup Recruiting, Pitching, and Planning

The founder-investor relationship is a delicate one, but, when cultivated correctly, it can have powerful results for everyone involved. In particular, founders have the opportunity to gain a fundamental understanding of what motivates and interests investors, which serves new and seasoned founders alike in all investor interactions. This series, authored by Bow & Drape founder and Alpaca VC and XFactor Ventures partner Aubrie Pagano, guides you through three common situations in which an investor’s mindset is key: hiring, pitching, and scenario planning.
Flight Templates

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