Matt Mullenweg

CEO, Automattic
Matt Mullenweg is a web developer and entrepreneur, as well as the co-founder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic Inc., the holding company of WordPress, Tumblr, Woocommerce, WordPress VIP, and Jetpack. Mullenweg was an early proponent of distributed teams, citing the access to top talent without geographical boundaries, and hosts a podcast on the topic, Distributed with Matt Mullenweg. For the majority of this career, Mullenweg has also been a visible champion for open source and accessible software for all.
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Flight Template Series

Optimizing Distributed Work

Remote work and distributed teams can unlock opportunities for success that companies with in-person, synchronous structures could never access. Long before the sudden, widespread shift off-site, WordPress co-founder and Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg has been championing distributed work—he even calls it a moral imperative. This series will allow you to harness the power of distributed teams by optimizing your remote workflow, with a focus on asynchronous operations, consistent alignment, and reinvigorated connection among your team members.
Flight Templates

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