Katelin Holloway

Founding partner and Head of People, Seven Seven Six
Katelin Holloway is a founding partner at venture capital firm Seven Seven Six, where she invests in people-first companies and manages the firm’s programs, including the Growth & Caregiving 2% Commitment, Operator in Residence program, and all diversity, inclusion, and belongingness efforts. Prior to joining Seven Seven Six, Holloway worked at Pixar Animation Studios as a production assistant before serving as the Vice President of People & Culture at Reddit, where she helped grow the team from 70 to nearly 700 people.
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Leading with Belonging

Before a company can reach its full potential or achieve its loftiest goals, Seven Seven Six founding partner and former Vice President of People & Culture at Reddit Katelin Holloway knows that leaders must first satisfy a more fundamental need for every team member: A strong sense of belonging. Without a foundation of belongingness, individual team members will not feel an urgency to produce their best work, and the collective team will remain misaligned on the company’s purpose, values, and mission. In this three-part series, Holloway guides you through how to cultivate belonging in the workplace, manage for inclusion on a team level, and establish creative empowerment in every individual.
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Collaborate without groupthink