Alex Lieberman

Executive chairman and co-founder, Morning Brew
Alex is executive chairman and co-founder of Morning Brew , a media startup making the business world engaging and illuminating for future business leaders. Morning Brew’s core newsletter has grown to an audience of over two million subscribers, and the company has branched out into the retail newsletter, the emerging technology newsletter, and a podcast. Along with co-founder Austin Rief, Lieberman launched Morning Brew as a senior at University of Michigan in 2015, where he received his BBA, with concentrations in markets and real estate.
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Flight Template Series

Company Values: Working and Living by Your Principles

A company’s values should never be words alone. Instead, they must be accompanied by conscious and consistent action, because a company’s product and its users’ experiences will always be implicitly shaped by the values by which its team members live. As Morning Brew CEO Alex Lieberman said of his own brand, “content is information, and information shapes people's views on the world.” This four-part series focuses on how to identify, operationalize, and truly live and work by your company values, so the product and content you create accurately reflects what you and your team stand for.
Flight Templates

Collaborate without groupthink