Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

Entrepreneur and co-founder, Clerisy, Gilt Groupe, GlamSquad
Alexandra Wilkis Wilson is one of the most prolific and active entrepreneurs in the intersection of fashion and tech. In 2020, Wilkis Wilson co-founded her latest company, the growth equity firm Clerisy, where she also serves as a managing partner. Previously, she was the co-founder and former CEO of innovative beauty and fashion companies GlamSquad and Fitz, as well as the co-founder the Gilt Groupe and former Chief Merchandising Officer of its fashion and lifestyle flash sale site
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Flight Template Series

Build Your Consumer Strategy

Creating a robust consumer strategy requires both a large-scale look at where your product and consumers fit into the market as well as a deep understanding of your consumers as people, including how they behave day to day, what motivates them, and which of their needs are not currently being met by existing products. After founding and leading several highly successful, consumer-driven brands, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson knows how to discover what makes consumers tick and turning that into strategy. This series will guide you through this process, from clarifying consumer wants and needs to finding the right space in the market to help you reach the right audience.
Flight Templates

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