Katelin Holloway

Founding partner and Head of People, Seven Seven Six
Katelin Holloway is a founding partner at venture capital firm Seven Seven Six, where she invests in people-first companies and manages the firm’s programs, including the Growth & Caregiving 2% Commitment, Operator in Residence program, and all diversity, inclusion, and belongingness efforts. Prior to joining Seven Seven Six, Holloway worked at Pixar Animation Studios as a production assistant before serving as the Vice President of People & Culture at Reddit, where she helped grow the team from 70 to nearly 700 people.
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Quote marks Culture is the number one thing that has made and broken companies in 2020. Companies that did not spend time, energy, or resources on building intentional cultures prior to the pandemic collapsed, while companies that invested their time into articulating their values and connectedness and actively supported people through trying times were the ones who were agile enough to pivot their business.
Belonging is not always felt equally throughout all levels or verticals of an organization. Increasing communication across leadership allows for knowledge sharing of inclusion best practices that would otherwise be kept in silos. Use this flight with your management teams to start a conversation around how your inclusivity and belonging practices are or are not working for their teams and receive suggestions on how to develop and retain top talent, especially those who are typically underrepresented.
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Types of Insights

Knowledge-share of feedback from teams across the organization around inclusivity and belonging

Ideas to improve inclusivity and belonging, from a managerial perspective

Ways to develop and retain top talent

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