John Lynch

Cyber Security and Risk Manager, Go1
John Lynch is the Cyber Security and Risk Manager at Go1, a leading learning and development content provider. Prior to Go1, John was Director of IT at PayScale, a Seattle-based software company whose platform allows users to access and compare compensation data. In his role, Lynch is a key collaborator at the center of growing the company: He has played a key role in building complex systems for SaaS production environments, tackled challenging problems by collaborating with cross-functional teams across the entire organization, and explored and introduced new technologies to the company in order to streamline and improve operations.
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Quote marks We saw people participating in this flight in a way we’d really never seen before. This gave everyone a lot more time to think about what they wanted to say, and the quality of the ideas they submitted really reflected that.

HackDay Ideation

HackDays (aka Hackathons) are a great way for your team to efficiently bring ideas to reality. Creating a defined scope for your HackDay will keep your team focused and working toward a common goal. This is especially important when planning a remote HackDay. Use this flight plan to create a specific focus for your HackDay while getting aligned with your teams.
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Types of Insights

Innovative new product ideas

Clear list of ideas for upcoming HackDays

Collaborate without groupthink