Scott Kurnit

Founder, Former CEO,
Scott Kurnit is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and media pioneer. He is the founder and former chairman and CEO of About, Inc., as well as the former president of Showtime Event Television, Showtime’s pay-per-view distributor of special programming. He is widely recognized in the media industry as a leader in his field: He’s received awards from organizations like American Advertising Federation, the National Cable Television Association, and the Emmys. Currently, he works as a Board member and angel investor/advisor with a focus on high-growth startups.
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Flight Template Series: Navigating Hybrid Work

Foster Spontaneous Connection

In the office, spontaneous interactions were everywhere: at the coffeemaker, the bathroom sinks, the hall, the sandwich joint next door. Then, we went fully remote and lost these unplanned moments of connection. As companies balance a mix of in-person and remote teams, it is important to create space for spontaneity and avoid creating siloed teams. Use this flight to find ways to foster the spontaneous idea-sharing that has driven workplace innovation for decades.
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Tangible ways in which spontaneous connection and interaction impact your workplace

Recommendations for how to build casual spontaneity into your hybrid environment

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Collaborate without groupthink