Sally Thornton

Founder & CEO, Forshay
Sally Thornton is the founder and CEO of Forshay, a firm that focuses on how people can do their best work through executive recruiting, interim professionals, and improving the system of work through increased diversity, inclusion, and belonging. A leader on topics like the future of work, women in leadership, DI&B, and the science behind the work-life blend, Thornton is also a recognized public speaker: She has given two TEDx talks and regularly delivers keynote speeches in both private and public forums.
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Quote marks There is no diversity without inclusion.
Let’s write a job description that includes the key criteria that matter most for the role we’re hiring for, and pay particular attention to the language we use so we have the widest pool of applicants to get the best person for our team. Job descriptions have more influence on hiring than you might think. In fact, there is significant evidence that reveals gender bias against women and minorities in most JDs. Aligning as a team on a JD that mitigates unconscious bias will help us in our diversity and inclusion goals.
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Criteria necessary to build inclusive job descriptions for individual positions

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Consideration of how you phrase things on the job description to avoid unconscious bias

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