Betty Liu

Chairman and CEO, D and Z Media Acquisition Corp
Betty Liu is the chairman and CEO of D and Z Media Acquisition Corp. Prior to her leadership at D and Z, Liu served as the Executive Vice Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange and the Chief Experience Officer at parent company, Intercontinental Exchange. Before that, she was a lead anchor for Bloomberg Television, where she regularly interviewed the world’s most influential leaders in business and politics like Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, and Arianna Huffington.
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Quote marks Just the act of writing something down makes you obligated to do it.
Flight Template Series: Avoiding Complacency

Prioritize and Increase Productivity with the 1-3-5 Rule

Prioritization and motivation are two key components of productivity, so Betty Liu created the “1-3-5 rule” to establish one large task, three medium-important tasks, and five small tasks to complete over a monthly period. Crossing to-do’s off your list gives you a sense of satisfaction and a boost of energy to keep going, but remember: If you do not complete all nine tasks in the allotted period, that’s okay! Just keep going. To turn this into a team exercise, use this flight to help your team establish its 1-3-5 tasks for the month or for a particular sprint.
Suggested Questions
Types of Insights

Define your strategic goal

The team’s main task of the month or sprint

Three tasks of medium-importance to the month or sprint

Five small daily tasks for the month or sprint

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