More productivity, fewer meetings

Teams of every size use Balloon to collaborate when it’s most convenient for the individual employee—regardless of schedules or time zones—helping organizations stay aligned, highly productive, and innovative—without having to organize another meeting. Solve problems, make decisions, and push your projects forward, anywhere, anytime.

Better alignment, faster

Balloon gives you visibility. Meetings don’t. On Balloon, team members feel free to share ideas without interruption, judgment, or fear, so leaders can see clearly where their team aligns—and where it doesn’t.

  • Product features
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Design sprints
  • Strategic planning
  • DEI
  • Business strategy

The results generated a clear, ranked, and filtered set of ideas in which the team and leadership felt confident pursuing.


Surface the data you need to lead

There’s no more guessing what the majority of the room thinks is best; Balloon hands the most-supported solutions right to us.


Great thinking happens in Balloon

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Master Asynchronous Work

Balloon’s Flights feature enables teams to share ideas, collaborate, and evaluate input when it’s most convenient for individuals—regardless of time zones or schedules.

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Amplify Unheard Voices

Introverts and anyone whose voice might go unheard are able to participate without interruption, judgment, or fear, offering new perspectives and a truly inclusive process for the whole team.

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Align in Record Time and Eliminate False Starts

The Balloon Score shows leaders the overall buy-in of the group so they can avoid false starts and move forward with consensus and confidence.

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Unlock True Data

By eliminating costly biases, Balloon ensures that leaders have the truest, most accurate data, so they know exactly what’s going on in their organizations.

Make your team faster, smarter, tighter.