New insights, activated

Balloon helps teams of every size discover new insights, align on the path forward, and advance together. Fundamentally, it focuses on two key areas (ideas and feedback) that can apply to any initiative within an organization. So ultimately, teams can grow and evolve through transformational thinking.


Empower teams to provide new thinking by removing fear of failure, judgment, and ego. This leads to greater collaboration, stronger insights, and progressive ideas.

  • New features
  • Product names
  • Design sprints
  • Strategic planning
  • Team outings & events
  • Curriculum ideas

The results generated a clear, ranked, and filtered set of ideas in which the team and leadership felt confident pursuing.



Balloon was invaluable for getting me to insights never received in teaching this course.

DePaul University

Great thinking happens in Balloon

arrows pointing in opposite directions
Better inputs, better outcomes

With a wide range of input that’s evaluated objectively, leaders can make better decisions based on more qualified data.

different geometric figures
Greater thought diversity

Leaders are able to capitalize on the diversity of thought within their organization and gain insights that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

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Fast team alignment

Balloon enables teams to align quickly without all the meetings and back-and-forth.

chart with growth
Proven by research

Balloon is based on hundreds of studies examining teamwork, including Google’s study that found psychological safety is the single most important factor of productive teams.

Unlock your team’s true potential