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By transforming how teams conduct mission critical discussions, Balloon boosts productivity and uncovers team insights, and helps leaders make the most informed decisions.

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How it works

Balloon utilizes a unique, phased process based on hundreds of peer-reviewed studies that explore how to maximize the value of collaboration. Ask critical questions and discuss ideas and feedback with your team.

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Step 1

Find a template and start a flight

Jumpstart discussion with our two-stage collaborative flow, called a flight, where leaders ask questions and get feedback, input, and ideas from their teams to drive innovation and competitiveness, ensuring they stay ahead in the market. Choose a template developed by industry experts, or create your own flight.

Step 2

Exchange ideas and collaborate asynchronously

This first stage is all about allowing space for anonymous input, creating psychological safety, and giving all team members (loud and quiet) a chance to share freely. Team members have the opportunity to contribute and collaborate in an environment that mitigates anchoring bias and groupthink.

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Step 3

Vote for the responses you like best

In the second stage, team members decide which ideas they support by using a research-backed Approval Voting System to ensure evaluation is based on merit—not on seniority, loud voices, ego, or other costly cognitive biases. This way, leaders can capture prioritized data that reflects the entire group, resulting in stronger decisions and hidden opportunities.

Step 4

Align and win together

After voting is complete, responses are prioritized by Balloon Score to reveal support, buy-in, and alignment so leaders can quickly make more informed decisions, move in the right directions, and see more successful outcomes.

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evaluate merit in a flight preview
Step 5

Turn results into actionable next steps

Dig deeper into flight results with Managed Flight Reports, built by a member of the Balloon Team to help identify high-impact insights, trends, and sentiment. Managed Flights are available to Business subscribers and provide holistic support and planning throughout the flight process.

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Ready to take flight?

We have templates written by over 40 preeminent business experts, so you can get started in minutes.

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