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By transforming how teams interact, Balloon boosts productivity, reveals hidden opportunities for innovation, and helps leaders unlock their company’s true potential.

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How it works

Balloon utilizes a unique, phased process based on hundreds of peer-reviewed studies that explore how to maximize the value of collaboration. Ask critical questions and discuss ideas and feedback with your team.

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Step 1

Start a Flight using a template

Balloon’s Flight feature enables teams of all sizes and functions to solve problems together. Flights are flexible, timed, and staged, so team members can share and evaluate ideas whenever is most convenient for them, which helps teams stay highly productive whether they’re remote or on-site. Start with an editable Flight Template developed by industry experts, or create your own.

Step 2

Harness your entire team’s brainpower

The first stage of the flight is where teams contribute and collaborate. Balloon allows for anonymous input, creating psychological safety and giving all team members (loud and quiet) a chance to share freely. Balloon’s unique Collaboration Feature allows introverts and others time to collaborate without interruptions.

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Step 3

Conquer groupthink and evaluate input based on merit

On Balloon, team members decide which ideas they support and which should be a top priority. Balloon’s research-backed Approval Voting System removes harmful group dynamics entirely, ensuring idea evaluation is based on merit—not on seniority, loud voices, ego, or other costly cognitive biases. This eliminates groupthink and drives more people to provide feedback and guide leaders’ decisions.

Step 4

Align and win together

When insights are evaluated on merit, leaders can better understand the group. This is denoted by the Balloon Score, or approval rating, which shows leaders the overall buy-in of the group on each idea shared during the flight, so teams can quickly agree on the right direction, leaders can make informed decisions, and businesses can see more successful outcomes.

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