We believe in the power of true

True is honest, accurate, precise. It has the power to drive organizational innovation, productivity, and success. Yet for too long, it’s been trapped behind cognitive biases and group dynamics.

Our mission is to solve the systemic issues that hold back teams, to create a platform that helps teams unlock true and guides them to true growth.

Our team

We’re curious, hungry, humble champions of collaboration working tirelessly to empower true.

Amanda Greenberg profle picture

Amanda Greenberg

CEO + Co-Founder

Noah Bornstein profle picture

Noah Bornstein

CTO + Co-Founder

Ray Wakiyama profle picture

Ray Wakiyama


Natalie Vanderveen profle picture

Natalie Vanderveen


Angela Garinger profle picture

Angela Garinger


Christie Ma profle picture

Christie Ma

Customer Success

Nacho Anaya profle picture

Nacho Anaya


Tom McGee profle picture

Tom McGee


Our advisors & experts

Our advisory team is comprised of thoughtful, inspired, courageous leaders who help guide us.

Justin Angsuwat profle picture

Justin Angsuwat

VP of People at Thumbtack

Sally Thornton profle picture

Sally Thornton

CEO and Founder at Forshay

Robert Krauss profle picture

Robert Krauss

Dir. of Global Sales at Century Link


Many thanks to all our investors who continue to support and believe in us.

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People are talking

If knowledge is power, Balloon may hold the keys to the kingdom.


Women no longer have to wonder if gender is why their idea was dismissed.


Unlock your team’s true potential